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  1. Equipment For Drying
    1. Infrared dryer
    2. Conveyor Dryer
    3. Infrared drying cabinet
    4. Сушильный шкаф конвекционный
    5. Tunnel dryer on solid fuels
    6. Tunnel infrared sterilizer
    7. Dryer aerodynamic
    8. Печь камерная
    9. Continuous Carbonization Furnace
    10. Углевыжигательная печь
  2. Briquetting Presses
    1. Extruding machine
    2. Roller Press, Briquetting
    3. Hydraulic press
    4. Impact mechanical machine
    5. Granulator flat matrix
    6. Press for Briquettes of Pini&Kay Standard
    7. Auger Feed Granulator
    8. Валковый гранулятор
  3. Dryer Granulator
    1. Auger Separator Desiccator
  4. Equipment For Crushing
    1. Rotary crusher
    2. Hammer crusher
    3. Deck Hammer Crusher
    4. Roller crusher
    5. Shredder
    6. Wood shredder
    7. Сhaff-cutter
  5. Conveyors
    1. Conveyor for cooling
    2. Conveyor with band
  6. Equipment for briquetting
    1. Equipment for the production of briquette
    2. Equipment for the briqueting of pulverized coal (coal dust)
    3. Equipment for briquetting of sawdust and bio-fuels
    4. Equipment for briquetting of charcoal
    5. Equipment for processing of manure
  7. Optional equipment
    1. Forced Action Mixer
    2. Flexible Bolt Coupling
    4. Rolls (bandages)
    5. Binder for briquettes
  8. Пищевое оборудование
    1. Infrared Drying
    2. Сушильный шкаф конвекционный
    3. Infrared Drying Cabinet
    4. Соковыжималка промышленная
    5. Промышленная моечная машина для овощей и фруктов
  9. Coal and coal briquettes
    1. Coal (Rock coal, Steam coal)
    2. Bituminous coal (brown coal)
    3. Coal anthracite
    4. Eco-pea coal
    5. Ordinary coal (0-300 mm)
    6. Fuel Briquettes and Pellets
    7. Fuel Pellets
    8. Charcoal briquettes and pellets
    9. About coals
    10. Заказать уголь
  10. Древесный уголь
    1. Древесный уголь
    2. Древесно угольный брикет
    3. Пиролизный биоуголь
  11. Натуральный камень песчаник
    1. О песчанике
    2. Песчаник для строительства
    3. Песчаник для ландшафта
    4. Песчаник в интерьере
    5. Кладка из песчаника
    6. Каменная крошка, галька
    7. Прайс-лист
Charcoal briquettes (and pellets)

The history of human use of charcoal for his needs goes back to ancient times. The sphere of its use is so wide that only the enumeration of processes and industries where it is beyond competition with other types of energy carriers, will take a lot of time and effort. But recently, in addition to the numerous distinctive properties and characteristics of charcoal, its ecological purity comes first, which allows the use of charcoal for cooking, especially for dishes such as bbq, grill, kebab, etc.

Our company, using its own equipment, produces fuel briquettes and pellets from hardwood (hornbeam, beech, oak) charcoal. This type of solid fuel not only preserves all the positive properties of the initial material, but also adds new ones. Ecological cleanness is maintained by using only natural binders in the briquetting process. Burning of briquettes also does not produce carbon monoxide or other harmful compounds for human health, there is no smoke or unpleasant odor, very little ash is formed. At the same time, briquetting process leads to a densification of the starting material by more than three times, which gives this type of fuel a longer burning time and, correspondingly, greater heat transfer to the same volume of combusted material as compared to charcoal. Which in turn gives the user greater comfort, efficiency and saving...

As already mentioned, our company is a manufacturer of briquette and pellet equipment. Therefore, for our partners and customers, we produce charcoal briquettes of various shapes and sizes, from the most popular today Pini&Kay and euro pillow, ending with traditional cylindrical (Nestro-type) briquettes and pellets.

Qualitative characteristics of our charcoal briquettes and pellets:

  • Quality characteristics of our charcoal briquettes and pellets Calorific value 8000-9000 kcal / kg
  • Carbon content from 80 to 90%
  • Density up to 0.85 g/cm3
  • Ash content up to 2%
  • Moisture up to 5%
  • Burning time 2-4 hours


f3 Briquettes of 4, 6, and 8-angle form with a hole in the middle (Pini&Kay standard)
f6 Briquettes in the form of pillows ("euro pillow")
b1 Cylindrical pellets Ø6-8mm