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Hammer crusher

Crusher - equipment designed for crushing, i.e. mechanical impact on solid materials to their destruction.
Crushers are suitable for the destruction of a material into pieces smaller. Share depending on the size of crushed material crusher coarse, medium and fine crushing.

The purpose of a crusher - chop technological, mineral raw materials of average hardness with a small (8%) humidity. The crusher can be installed both indoors and outdoors under a shelter.

Hammer crusher is used in the cement, chemical, electrical power, metallurgy and other industries, for primary crushing of rocks fragile, soft and medium-strength/hardness (limestone, chalk, gypsum, asbestos ore, bricks, stone coal, clay, marl, hard limestone, etc.) with the natural humidity is not more than 8%. It is also used for secondary crushing of material, size of 100-200 mm up to 20 mm and smaller.

Note: For crushing viscous or adhesive materials and materials with moisture more than 15% of the hammer crusher is unsuitable. In hammer mills material is crushed by the blow rotaining hammers by piece material, shock pieces of each other and the armour plate material is discarded.

Dignity hammer crushers is low specific energy consumption. Crushing blow in this crusher is more effective in crushing than crushing pressing. The advantages of the hammer crushers are also: simplicity and compactness of the design, sufficient reliability, small weight, continuity and the big productivity. Hammer crushers different mode of mounting hammers, their location, the number of rotors, in the direction of rotation of the rotor (reversible and irreversible)shaped break the plates on the type and status of the boot device.

Structure and principle of operation:
Principle of operation однороторной hammer crusher. Shaft crusher receiving rotation through the clutch motor, placed on a slide bearings. On the shaft of the assembled rotor discs on which hinged suspended hammers. Grate located in the lower part of the crusher and consists of two parts: the front and back, each of which represents a set of grid bars of trapezoidal cross-section stipulated by two rods. The crusher body consists of two parts and bolted.In the upper part of the body is filling opening for the material. Housing wall covered with plates, protecting wall from abrasion and also involved in the crushing of the material. Presenting the crushing chamber material is rapidly alternating shock hammers rotating rotor, crushed and falls through the holes of the grating. Then the material goes to the pipeline or in the bunker.






CH-1 CH -2 CH -3 CH -4

Productivity, kg/h

1000 2000 3500 5000

Diameter of rotor, mm

443 443 443 443

Number of hammers

16 32 48 64

Dimensions of the loading chute, mm

250х210 250х380 250х540 250х700

Diameter of the holes in the lattice, mm

0-6 0-6 0-6 0-6

Power, kWt

5,5 15 18,5 22

Voltage, V

380 380 380 380

AC frequency, Hz

50 50 50 50

Overall dimensions

height, mm

975 975 975 975

width, mm

750 850 1000 1200

length, mm

1000 1000 1100 1200

Weight of the crusher, kg

275 425 500 710

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