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Universal Rotary Dryer URD-1000


Our company manufactures the Universal Rotary Tray Dryer URD-1000. Rotary dryers of tray type are commonly used for technological processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, in the processing of agricultural products and other areas of the economy.


The dryer consists of a body with a movable Roundabout-bin mechanism inside, which in conjunction with fixed brushes scrapers provides a slow moving product to be dried from tier to tier, with constant stirring, oversleeping and uniform layer distribution. 2

Design of Roundabout-tray dryers (Rotary Dryers) allows a wide variety of necessary thermal and temporal conditions of materials’ stay in the drying zone. There is a possibility of providing uniform temperature in the entire drying chamber, and the creation of necessary zonal temperature areas. It provides accurate and controllable parameter control with the lowest temperature approximation. If necessary, the dryer makes it possible to achieve the smallest possible residual moisture content for almost any material.

Drying technology of materials in rotary-tray dryer allows carefully and gently drying of the material without destroying its particles, with minimal formation of dust and crumbs. It becomes possible to efficiently and without losses dry even brittle materials such as various crystals and beads from easily breakable materials.



Technical features

1. Ability to set the thermostat to 650 degrees Celsius.
2. Control of exact temperature and time of the drying cycle.
3. Ability to adapt to different feed rates.
4. Works as a dryer, cooler, convection oven, calciner, thermal reactor of various technical processes, etc.
5. Has self cleaning characteristic. In most cases, it eliminates the need for manual cleaning when changing materials and readjustment.
6. Easy introduction into service and operation on various materials.
7. Low costs due to simplicity and reliability of the equipment.
8. Low energy and labor costs.
9. Ability to use any type of heat generator (gas, electric, solid fuel).
10. There is a drying temperature from ambient temperature to 650 degrees Celsius.
11. Possibility of manufacturing it in different sizes.
12. Manufacturing in a wide range of materials (depending on the tasks).
13. Vertical design, small work space requirements.
14. Possibility to install and use, both indoors and outdoors.

Universal dryer of Rotary tray type URD-1000 is ideal for small farms and agricultural enterprises.
Dryer is applicable for high-quality drying of all types of cereals, seeds of grasses, legumes and oil crops, fodder, food and seed purposes.
Also, dryer can be used for drying or cooling medium of the dispersion of bulk blends technology and materials in various fields of national economy.

Hot air is supplied from the heat generator to body of the dryer by a manifold structure, which causes the supply and distribution options for hot and cold air to the required drying chamber area that ensures the reliability and accuracy of compliance temperature of drying and cooling parameters.


Design and technology of the drying process of Universal Rotary-plate dryers maintains a mild temperature conditions.

  • 4grain is freely placed on rotating, reticulated trays being repeatedly flipped while maintaining a constant thickness and while blowing hot dry air,
  • due to thermal collector, heating (and if necessary cooling) occurs evenly and in the right areas of the dryer,
  • gradual process of heating grain and the lack of auger and continuous bucket elevator multiple devices reduce the likelihood of damaging the seed,
  • drying technology allows URD drying coarse fraction crops such as peas, corn, soybeans, etc.
  • loading, drying and unloading the seeds occur simultaneously and continuously,
  • design of the dryer means the installation of remote heat generator that can be used of any type of electric, gas, solid fuel. The dryer is fireproof.
  • design of the dryer (small size and weight) provides ease of installation and operation. No need for powerful stationary foundations. It is transportable and can be installed in a few hours.


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