Угольные брикеты и пеллеты, топливо для котлов, топливо для автоматических котлов, пеллеты для котлов.

Our company produces the whole variety of fuel briquettes and pellets. The ones made of charcoal are especially popular among customers for their peculiarities of application and the distinctive characteristics of charcoal. During the recent years, charcoal pellets and briquettes are in increasing demand. This is not surprising, because these pellets not only retains all the positive properties of the raw material such as:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No smoke, odor, sparkin
  • Do not produce carbon monoxide and other harmful compounds
  • Low ash content (up to 2%) and high carbon content
  • Fast flammability and high calorific value
  • Long burning

But, in addition, charcoal briquettes and pellets have several advantages over charcoal. They are at least three times thicker and therefore:

  • More resistant to mechanical damage (not crushing during transportation, loading, storage)
  • Have increased burn time
  • Increased heat
  • Same faction, hence uniform combustion and dosage during use
  • Convenient and compact for storage, transporting and use
  • Economical (less consumption for the same heat transfer).

Thanks to all of the above mentioned properties of charcoal briquettes, along with the traditional charcoal, they are used more by consumers in cafes, restaurants, homes and outdoors. Most often they are used for cooking, especially for dishes like barbecue, grill, kebabs, etc. But they are also used as a type of heating fuel in furnaces, boilers or fireplaces.

Our company manufactures various briquette and pellet equipment. Therefore, we can offer our partners and customers a wide variety of shapes and sizes of own briquette production.


b1 Cylindrical pellets Ø6-8мм
f2 Cylindrical briquettes Ø20-40mm
f3 Briquettes of 4, 6 and 8 angle shape with a hole in the middle (standard PiniKey)
b4 Briquettes in the form of pads - round
b5 Briquettes in the form of pads - oval
f6 Briquettes in the form of pads - square ("europad")


Qualitative characteristics of our charcoal briquettes and pellets:

  • Calorific value - 8000-9000 kcal/kg
  • Carbon content - 70-80%
  • Density - 0.85 g/cm3
  • Ash content – below 10%
  • Moisture – below 5%
  • Burning time - 2-4 hours